CHALLENGES: Supercars Championship driver Simona De Silvestro in Newcastle on Friday. The 30-year-old will form part of an all-female line-up for the Daytona 24 Hour event in January. Picture: Marina NeilSupercars Championship sole female driver Simona De Silvestro feels like she will be more prepared when returning for next month’s Newcastle 500.

The 30-year-old Swiss native, announced on the weekend in an all-women team for the 2019 Daytona 24 Hour, finished her maiden n season at the inaugural Hunter event 12 months ago.

The 2018 series comes back to Newcastle for a season-ending race on the weekend of November 24 and 25.

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“It [the mindset] does change a little bit,”De Silvestro told the Newcastle Herald at NEX on Friday.

“You know what to expect from the race track a little bit.I think you come here a bit more prepared.

“Last yearyou showedup for the first session just trying to figure out where you’re going andthings like that.

“Coming back a second time, you’re a bit more ready. There’s alot of notes from last year to take in. Hopefully we can bring thegame even better and faster.”

Afterwards De Silvestro will join Katherine Legge, Jackie Heinricher and Ana Beatriz for her firstDaytona in January (24-27).

“It’s pretty exciting and I think for sure the line-up that we have is really strong,” De Silvestro told Supercars media on Sunday.

“All of us girls have a lot of credibility and I think it will be quite exciting so I’m really looking forward to Daytona.”

The former IndyCar and Formula E driver grew up on four wheels.

“It’s pretty much in my blood,” she said.

“I started go karts when I was seven and my dad has a car dealership in Switzerland. I always wanted to be a race car driver. I put my mind to it and here I am.”

She is 24thon the overall Supercars standings with a best individual race finish of 12thin Perth in May.