LEECraddock (Short Takes 12/10), I am appalled, disgusted and down right outraged that you would take a wooden spoon to the rear ends of our pollies. Let’s think about it. What self-respecting wooden spoon would go anywhere near our politicians?

Craig Morsley, Raymond TerraceI DO hope the markets at Warners Bay which were held this Super Boat weekend (‘Two swell days for the Big Weekend’, Herald 15/10) are worth the effort because I feel outraged and angry that the council’s almost-completed renewal of the waterfront has been trashed. To gain access to the various market outlets, cars were parked on the newly-installed grass which is now completely ruined and the mud and tyre marks on the brand new walkways make this rate payer livid with anger. I witnessed ‘stand-offs’ between the drivers of these cars and pedestrians. Where were the council rangers? Is council being adequately reimbursed for all the damage done,and how long will that remediation take?

Glenda Winsen,Speers PointTO BUILD their new nuclear power plant, the government of Britain had to guarantee to pay $170 per megawatt hour, rising with inflation for 35 years. The average cost of electricity in NSW last financial year was $85 per megawatt hour. Nuclear power is nice in theory, but terrible in real life.

Sean Farnham, Kurri KurriAS MUCH as I’m happy for Maitland to be receiving a solution from the state government (‘State puts $1.5m towards fix for Maitland gridlock’, NewcastleHerald12/10), what about the traffic along Pacific Highway from Charlestown to Swansea, especially in morning and afternoon peak hour traffic? With the recent surge of Sydneysiders, and so many more cars on the road, synchronised traffic lights could be a start.

Lorraine Gibson, JewellsI HAVE no reason to doubt Jeff McCloy’s claim that Hunter Street businesses have been adversely affected by the loss of parking in the city (‘Parking at breaking point’, Herald13/10) After all Document 71, which was reported in the media before the closure of the rail line, predicted that the removal of on street parking eastward from Worth Place would have that exact outcome. What is notable however is that despite that information, most of the Hunter St business owners either supported rail in Hunter Street or failed to oppose it.

Kim Cross, MetfordIF YOU rely on in-homechildcare services to support your work needs, then listen carefully.Many services all over have already closed and more will be following with December’s deadline, if the government mess isn’t fixed.The new system just doesn’t work for this type of essential childcare and we need your support to get it to politicians now.Media has been just about nil and this is disappointing to say the least. They obviously don’t care either.

Amanda Johnstone,MayfieldTHE POLLSSHOULD the Knights be working harder to retain key players?

Yes 54%, No 46%