A visitorhas been denied access to Cessnock jail after she was found withhalf a gram of methamphetamine and 100 strips of Suboxone onprison grounds,during a contraband blitz at prisons across the state.

The methamphetamine was found in the woman’s handbag duringthe clampdown last weekend, while the Suboxone stripswerediscovered packed in balloons in her car.

According the the Alcohol and Drug Federation,Suboxone is the brand name ofprescription drug and partial opioid buprenorphine, which can be used to help people withdrawing from dependence on opiatessuch as heroin.

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But because Suboxonetriggers opioidreceptors in the brain, itcan beabused tomakea person feel drug affected if they are not using it to withdraw from an opiate.

The woman busted at Cessnock was one of eight people rejected from jail visits across the Hunter,Lithgow, Mid North Coast,Goulburn and South Coast.

It came during a weekend of busts for correctionsofficers, who charged another 11 people who allegedly tried to smuggle banned items intoprisons.

Two replica guns, three knives, a can of pepper spray and a machete were among the contraband confiscated.

Aside frompotential jailhouse weapons,1.13kg tobacco,198 Suboxone strips,0.34g amphetamine,nine Valium tablets,four syringes,two needles andsix smoking implements were seized.

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Officers also confiscated substances suspected to be illicit drugs, including 1.06g of white power, 4.19g of a crystal substance and 1.42g of“green vegetable matter” believed to be cannabis.

Corrective Services NSW Assistant Commissioner Mark Wilsonsaid it was an offence for people to have banned items in their vehicles while visiting a jail–even if they did nottryto smuggle them inside.

“Anyone visiting a correctional centre needs to be aware that officers and K9s are out in force conducting contraband screenings and this includes searches of any property brought on site,” he said.

“We make sure no stone is left unturned.

Visitors need to use some common sense and ensure that they are not driving into a correctional facility with a boot full of hunting knives or anything else that is considered contraband in the custodial setting such as tobacco.”