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Scott Morrison has written to Bill Shorten for law changes to ensure gay students can’t be banned.WHAT WE LEARNED

* Monday is the 48th anniversary of the West Gate Bridge collapse, in which 35 men died.

* Prime Minister Scott Morrison has written to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten seeking support for law changes to ensure students can’t be banned from schools for being gay.


The n people don’t trust Bill Shorten because he flips and flops on policy.


Government instability is the only reason why there is a by-election in Wentworth on October 20.


“The prime minister has complained that voting for anybody but the Liberals in Wentworth will destabilise his government, but didn’t this prime minister destabilise the government in the first place when he and his colleagues deposed Mr Turnbull?” – Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

“A vote for anyone other than Dave Sharma, the Liberal Party candidate in Wentworth, is a vote that would undermine that certainty and would undermine the strong economy that our government is delivering.” – Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“There will be a time and a place to address those issues.” – Morrison on addressing schools banning gay teachers.

“There is no such thing as dead in politics.” – Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon quoting Agriculture Minister David Littleproud on special visas for foreign fruit pickers.

“The member for Hunter (Fitzgibbon) does a pretty good impersonation of the walking dead in politics.” – Morrison in reply.


@TimWattsMP As Peter Costello said, “very, very weird” #qt

A visitorhas been denied access to Cessnock jail after she was found withhalf a gram of methamphetamine and 100 strips of Suboxone onprison grounds,during a contraband blitz at prisons across the state.

The methamphetamine was found in the woman’s handbag duringthe clampdown last weekend, while the Suboxone stripswerediscovered packed in balloons in her car.

According the the Alcohol and Drug Federation,Suboxone is the brand name ofprescription drug and partial opioid buprenorphine, which can be used to help people withdrawing from dependence on opiatessuch as heroin.

Read more: Cessnock jail state’s worst for drug contraband

But because Suboxonetriggers opioidreceptors in the brain, itcan beabused tomakea person feel drug affected if they are not using it to withdraw from an opiate.

The woman busted at Cessnock was one of eight people rejected from jail visits across the Hunter,Lithgow, Mid North Coast,Goulburn and South Coast.

It came during a weekend of busts for correctionsofficers, who charged another 11 people who allegedly tried to smuggle banned items intoprisons.

Two replica guns, three knives, a can of pepper spray and a machete were among the contraband confiscated.

Aside frompotential jailhouse weapons,1.13kg tobacco,198 Suboxone strips,0.34g amphetamine,nine Valium tablets,four syringes,two needles andsix smoking implements were seized.

Read more: Hatchet, hunting knife found in Cessnock prison contraband crackdown

Officers also confiscated substances suspected to be illicit drugs, including 1.06g of white power, 4.19g of a crystal substance and 1.42g of“green vegetable matter” believed to be cannabis.

Corrective Services NSW Assistant Commissioner Mark Wilsonsaid it was an offence for people to have banned items in their vehicles while visiting a jail–even if they did nottryto smuggle them inside.

“Anyone visiting a correctional centre needs to be aware that officers and K9s are out in force conducting contraband screenings and this includes searches of any property brought on site,” he said.

“We make sure no stone is left unturned.

Visitors need to use some common sense and ensure that they are not driving into a correctional facility with a boot full of hunting knives or anything else that is considered contraband in the custodial setting such as tobacco.”

The last tsunami that had a significant impact on ’s east coast occurred almost 60 years ago in May 1960.

Triggered by an earthquake in Chile, the resulting tsunami caused significant tidal surges in Sydney and Newcastle. The 0.5 metre surge in Newcastle harbour was strong enough to capsize a fishing boat in Throsby basin.

In Sydney, dangerous whirlpools were reported occurring east of the Spit bridge.

New research conducted by the University of Newcastle shows that, while these events are extremely rare, the potential impact of a tsunami on the NSW coast could have life threatening consequences.

Mapping of Sydney harbour shows a fast moving tsunami could result in unpredictable water movements thatpose a threat to swimmers, boaters and those near the water.

Low-lying areas around Newcastle harbour such as Stockton, Carrington, Wickham and Mayfield would be particularly at risk if such as scenario occurred in Newcastle Harbour.

State Emergency Services mapping conducted in 2016 suggests inundation could reach up to 10 kilometres from the harbour to areas such as Hexham.

Unfortunately theUniversity of Newcastleresearch also highlighted that the level ofcommunity awareness about the risk of a tsunami is relatively low.

Perhaps the fact that there is only a one per cent chance of a tsunami occurring each year has contributed to the lack of awareness.

But as tsunami researcher Dr Hannah Power points out “If you translate that into something people might put more emphasis on, like their health, if there was a one per cent risk of a medical procedure going horribly wrong, you might rethink whether you wanted to have the operation.”

Even though the risk is small, appropriate planning needs to be done to ensure the coastal communities are equipped to deal with a tsunami surge.

Existing SES guidelines include a ‘red zone’, which includes low-lying parts of Newcastle. In the event of a tsunami alert people in this area are asked to move 10 metres up into a sturdy concrete building.

The new research is a welcome addition and will help improve tsunami awareness and preparedness. Forewarned is forearmed, especially in an emergency.

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Giving them the best start Dedicated to kids: Broadmeadow Montessori Children’s House pride themselves on giving children the best start in life and developing the “whole child” by using Montessori education and Early Childhood Education.

TweetFacebookWe have a traditional preschool format however our preschool is open during school holidays, we have longer hours and take children from the age of two.

Kirsti Freeman

“The preschool offers familiesthe benefit of both Montessori and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) as our twocurriculums,”Ms Freeman said.

“The Montessori curriculum is delivered in a traditional three-hour Montessori work cycle where the children have access to Montessori materials of their choice.

This feature is supported by:

BroadmeadowMontessoriChildren’s House“The rest of the children’sday follows the EYLF where the children have access to play based educational activities.”

Montessori education is the result of the life and work of DrMaria Montessori (1870-1952), the first Italian female doctor who devoted her life to children and their education.

She gave the world a scientific method, practical and tested, for bringing forth the very best in young children. The Montessori approach enriches the life and development of the “whole child”.

Staff atBroadmeadowMontessoriChildren’s House aretrained in both Montessori and Early Childhood Education.

“We have staff trained inEarly Childhood/Primary four-yearTrained Teacher, Diploma, Certificate III and Trainee as well as a part time Music Teacher,” Ms Freeman said.

Get in touch

BroadmeadowMontessoriChildren’s House at138 Broadmeadow Road, Broadmeadow.

Online atwww.broadmeadowmontessori成都夜总会招聘.au,[email protected]成都夜总会招聘or call(02) 49611 884.

The kereru wood pigeon was crowned New Zealand’s bird of the year after receiving 5833 votes.Despite n attempts to interfere with its election, a hefty pigeon with a reputation for drunkenness has been voted New Zealand’s bird of the year.

The kereru, a colourful wood pigeon, has been crowned the winner of the annual public competition that this year saw the likes of Stephen Fry weighing in and intense campaigning by bird lovers across social media, including on Tinder.

The endemic birds are known to fall out of their trees due to their excessive fondness of fermented fruit and were backed by a campaign focusing on their proclivities and portliness.

“May this majestic bird, the labrador of the sky, consume many a berry on this special day,” co-campaign manager and Green MP Chloe Swarbrick said.

The Bird of the Year contest, decided by online public voting, is a light-hearted attempt by conservation group Forest and Bird to bring attention to New Zealand’s native birdlife.

But security was this year stepped after voting-stuffing attempts in 2017 – and seemingly with good cause.

Scrutineers this month discovered more than 300 votes for that had been illegally cast for the king shag from a single n address.

Meanwhile, the campaign team behind the black stilt – of which there are only 132 adults left in the wild – went a different way, signing up their contender on dating website Tinder and getting 500 matches around the country.

The competition also made waves with celebrities, with British entertainers Stephen Fry and Bill Bailey backing the endangered kakapo parrot and flightless takahe respectively.

Fry’s head famously became the on-camera target of an enamoured kakapo, named Sirocco, nearly a decade ago.

While New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had thrown her backing behind the black petrel – calling it the “bogan of the birds” – she on Monday nonetheless sent her salutations to the kereru.